How To Select The Right Search Engine Optimization Company

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So, you’ve decided to take your website to the next level by employing the services of a search engine optimization company in order to boost your rankings and ensure that your website comes out on top of search results. You can enjoy these benefits and more but that is if you choose the right SEO Company. And how do you go about that? With the few tips below, you are sure to employ the right search engine optimization company that will provide you with satisfactory results. Without further ado, here we go:



This is arguably the most vital factor you need to consider when deciding the best company to help you improve your online brand identity or business. Employing a placement or SEO company that only uses ethical SEO techniques or “white hat” processes will ensure that the risk of being removed, dropped, banished, deleted or penalized from the search engines is significantly minimized. Nobody loves the idea of waking up and finding out that you’ve been removed from the “Google world” because you bent or broke a search engine explicit term of service or an implicit rule.



You need to find out how competent the SEO Company you are planning to employ is. Can the company only optimize static websites built in basic HTML? A competent company must be experienced in the works and programming technologies and languages that is common and used in different websites, including HTML, PHP, Flash, ASPX, Cold Fusion, ASP, etc.


You also need to consider if the company you are trying to employ optimizes both dynamic and static websites. Are they experienced in the use of different e-commerce optimization interfaces and packages such as Yahoo Stores, Monster Commerce,, OS Commerce, Volusion? You need to be sure that they are; this will help you know how well your ecommerce store or online business is going to do.



You need to ensure that the company you are considering is using the right tools that will generate the best results for you. Tools like Keyword Elite, WebCEO, or Wordtarcker are tools your SEO Company should be equipped with. There are other tools that can be combined with these basic tools in order to provide better keywords suggestions, some of which include the generic Google keyword suggestion tool you can find in Adwords, and Overture keyword suggestion tool. Also, you need to find out if your placement company has the right tools for proprietary keyword analysis methodology.



As a professional SEO company, the company you are looking to employ must have a detailed report regarding the successes of past clients. These reports must include the optimization goals and the timelines. The reports should also be between and within multiple industries. Also you need to check if the SEO Company itself is performing well in the search engines. A Google PageRank below five is an indication that the company you are about to employ might not be the best for your business.


There are more ways to find out how competent the company you are planning to employ for your SEO need is, but these five are sure to provide you with enough information on whether to hire the company’s service or not. Use these tips and you are not going to fall prey to inept SEO companies.

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